Open Data. Open Conversations.

Datayo is an open source platform to identify, track, understand and address emerging threats to humanity.

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What is possible with data?

More information, more effectively leveraged, can lead to better outcomes in the international security sphere in general and the nonproliferation domain in particular. When analyzed, visualized, and translated into stories data has the power to drive attention and force global actions that are just and equitable. Currently in development, Datayo will be available for beta testing in 2019.


What we do: Reduce the threat of nuclear conflict

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Reduced information asymmetries

We are unaligned with a government, transparent in sources, and use open-source data.

Diverse perspectives + new voices

We are a neutral, mission-driven organization that believes in data-backed truths.

Increased security

We create and share data intelligence that is meaningful and actionable.

Informed conversations

Visualizations and unclassified intelligence can be shared within and across governments.

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Our Difference


Tailored stories, data sets and alerts 

Users can set alerts and follow topics based on geography or areas of interest.

Fueled by a community of experts and enthusiasts 

Datayo connects communities and countries to the information they need to reduce the biggest threat to humanity.

Compare and combine everything

Data types previously thought to be incompatible can be fused to reveal new insights.

What We Offer: Products for Citizen Partners, Analysts, and Advocates

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Raw Data Sets

Cleaned and tagged open source data

Proprietary Data Analysis

Disparate data fused: geographical + textual + sensory

Data Narratives

Insights supported by data visualizations

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